Thursday, February 12, 2009

The End

I left the grade school to enter 6th grade, leaving my library behind, and did not forget its secrets. I have loved books ever since. Susan and I are still good friends, and we have both become writers. My teacher taught for several years more, and every year, she'd have a student with a secret inside the secret. She enjoyed seeing how the students reacted, and has now published two books on phsychology as well as a few childrens books. Of all the subjects I have written about, I enjoy writing about secrets later discovered. This is my first story, and this is how I choose to reveal my secret. The library lives on, and so does its memories. This story is over, and to properly end it, I must say "The End".

I Won't Say Goodbye

"I have to get used to these surpises" I tell myself, though this doesn't seem like a surprise. I realize that maybe the library is changing with my imagination. This could be accurate. Then again, maybe I'm just imagining it all. I push that thought out of my head quickly. For some reason, I'd probably be sad if this was all a dream. I think of all the students who found the library before me. The oldest students are probably in at least 7th grade. I wonder if they ever told anyone about the library? Did they forget about it? There aren't many days left, and I'm not ready to forget the library. Not yet.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Shifting Ideas

I stare at my teached, open mouthed. I wonder how she found it? Sure, she is smart, but is she really that smart? Then I remember the four years she spent in college. I keep thinking about it all day, and finally decide to visit the library after school. I had forgotten how marvelous the library was. I sit down on a bean bag and read every single book in the library. I don't worry about time, because I had previously discovered that the clock doesn't move a second faster than you want it to. In this case, it doesn't move at all. While I'm reading, I discover something. The book changes as you read it! It is true. The pictures and their lines shift to fit the subject perfectly. This library kept getting stranger and stranger. Or was I just starting to think differently?