Friday, September 26, 2008

The Library

Riverside: Girls sitting in a ... Digital ID: 100863. New York Public Library I sit at a table, reading a book. Then Annie gets up to have a look. She sees through the window, a brightening sun. She laughs at the birds flying one by one. We rise from our table, and join in the laughter, as three birds fly by with another right after. As a stern looking woman peeks up with a frown, we hear a loud “Shh”, and a “Please keep it down”. Once again, I sit at a table, reading a book.

Thursday, September 25, 2008


It is summer. I am at the pool with one of my friends. As I put sunscreen on, I look up. I see the hot sun, bleaching everything in sight. I hear the noise of a crowd, and a beating in my ears. I sit on the blazing cement, engulfed by the warmth of my towel.
After standing up, I walk over to a steep pit. I stare down at the cool liquid below me. Cautiously, I dip one toe into the water. It feels cold on my skin.
Then, I slowly walk over to a long, white board. There is no line to wait in. I tune any other sound out of my senses, and I hear nothing but my own thoughts. I am alone. I run swiftly to the end of the board, and with one strong jump, I am sent vertically into the freezing water.
I do not feel heavy, or light. One motion and I could easily reach the top. But I do not move. My toes scrape the rough cement bottom very lightly, and I notice that my oxygen is running low. I could still float to the top if I wanted to, but instead I pull my arms down quickly, sending me to the surface.
I swim for what seems like miles until I reach the ladder, and climb onto the warm ground above. The wet experience is over. I walk over to the board once more. I must feel the whoosh of the water once again.