Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Rachel & Co. Publishing

Susan and I agree to show most of the class the library. Even the teacher!
We line up at my locker, and almost everyone in line looks puzzled. Susan can't have told many people. A few people bump their heads, but after that... well, it's really dark in there. I guess when it gets overcrowded in a hallway, it gets over-dark in a hallway. After that, though, we are careful to walk in lines. Then, we reach the library. It's the usual excitement. Then, Susan leads everyone to her special book. "Whoa," says Joey "that like totally has your name on it." "Who published it for you, Susan?" asks our teacher. "I don't know." says Susan. She looks at the spine, the cover, the table of contents, the index, and all the while, there's our teacher, staring at Susan. "Susan," she says in a fakely sweet voice " do you know where to find that information?" Susan flips through the book, then shrugs. "Class?" "The back of the cover!" shouts our class in one chorus. Then, the teacher takes the book from her hands. "Well, Susan, it was very nice for Rachel to publish this book for you." "Wow!" Jenny snatches the book away. "You did that?" I shrug. "Awesome!"she says.


This Mom's Photo Story said...

You have a terrific writing style...I love reading your thoughts...keep up the good work. You ROCK!!!

Michael J.J. Gras, M.Ed. said...

Not only are words and pictures shaped but the reading. Your future is as well. The same thoughts that shape your books shape your life. It may be possible to read all the books in your library and how fun that would be. But many libraries have more books then could be read in a thousand lifetimes. You will have to, as we all do, choose. Choose wisely and keep your joy.

Best Wishes from East Texas